Wild Wool

Care and repair

Your WILD WOOL cashmere garments will need care and sometimes even a repair.

Caring for your cashmere garment:

Cleaning: We advise you not to wash cashmere garments after each use, but rather every fourth time or so. The WILD WOOL garments should be hand washed or washed in machine on wool program (maximum 30 degrees) and no centrifugation using specialized detergents for cashmere/wool (Ph 8+). The optimal way of drying your cashmere garment is by lying it flat on a clean and dry towel.

Pilling: The friction that comes as a result of using new cashmere garments, causes small balls of fluff to form on the surface of the garment. There balls of fluff are called pilling. This is not your fault, nor ours, it is completely normal and does not necessarily indicate poor quality. Regular «resting» in between wears, will prevent pilling. When the garment gets a «rest», the fibres in the fabric are able to bounce back to their original share, making them more resilient and resulting in less pilling. Regular and careful washing and doing the pilling removal process explained below, also helps to prevent and decrease pilling. Pilling may easily be removed by the use of a cashmere comb. Never use a razor go scissors, as this will damage the fibres, and only make it worse. We recommend de-pilling garments with the comb before washing. Pull the cashmere comb over the garment to remove the small balls with fluff. It is important that the garment is laid on a flat surface while combing with the cashmere comb. When all the pilling is removed, wash the garment as instructed and your garment will look brand new again. Doing this process 1-3 times in the beginning, you will notice that pilling decrease, and vanishes for good over time.

Repairing your cashmere garment:

At home repair: Most garments come with a spear tread, ready to use, in case of cashmere-emergencies. The tread can easily be used with a suitable needle, to cover and block any wholes that may have arised from some unfortunate event.

If you wish to get a spear thread, please visit our store to pick it up for free or email us your request with the specific color and your address to post@wildwool.no, and we will send it to you.

In store repair: If the emergency is not curable at home, please visit our store or email us, and we will gladly offer to repair your garment for a small fee, with the anticipation that the product will live longer.

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